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Major Course Assignment Information: 

Journal Article Summary

Your summary will cover what the research study is about, how and why the research study was conducted; where and on whom the research was conducted, and the conclusions made by the research.  The purpose of this assignment is to expose the student to the scholarly materials published in the field of Psychology.  The report must be in your own words, do not copy the abstract, summary, or conclusions if presented in the article.  You must include a copy of the Journal Article you select for review.  A handout with more information to assist you in this assignment will be presented on the 2nd class meeting.  See the course schedule for Journal Article Summary due dates. Your paper should be typewritten, and approximately 2-3 typed pages.  Be sure to support your thesis statement with quotes to support your three main points.

How to get additional help with this assignment:

  • Read Darren's Library Resources Guide for help finding resources at your academic library.
  • Read Darren's How to use APA Format
  • Read Guidelines for Writing Critical Reviews for assistance in building your Journal Article Summary.
  • To help you determine the quality of the research articles you are reading, read these research evaluation tips.   Not only will these tips assist you in developing a better eye for good research, they will spark ideas for your journal article summary.  Keep in mind, since I gave you this information, I'll expect you to use it.
  • Look at some related internet resources to assist you. Links for Better Learning has a research heading to assist you in securing further information.
  • The “Gordon Rule” established by the State Board of Education, requires all students in this course be given an assignment to write at least 1715 words to demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate in writing.  The Journal Article Summary assignments are required to receive any grade higher than a “D” in the course regardless of test scores.

    See the course schedule for due dates.  Late papers are not permitted whatever the reason.