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A Teacher's Prayer

by Anonymous

You will be graduating high school soon.  In my short time with you, I hope that you received the kind of education that opens your mind as well as your heart.  I hope I reached the core of who you are, and made a human connection that you’ll never forget.

I hope that you learned that because you can think something doesn’t make it the truth.  I hope you learned to look hard for the truth, and keep looking even when you think you found the truth.

I hope that you learned to control your reactions to problems instead of allowing problems to control your reactions.  Your reaction to any situation says more about you than the situation.  Especially your reaction to difficult people, which are everywhere you’ll ever go. 

I hope you learned that learning is not about the specifics, but the general.  No one has the answers, yet everyone has them.  I hope you learned how to respect not only the members of your senior class but all your fellow students.

I hope you learned to look first at yourself rather than judging others. I hope you learned to look at others with compassion, respect, and love. 

I hope that you see clearly in the mirror:  that you understand what your capabilities are as well as your limitations.  I hope you find the path you’re on to be fruitful but if not, that you know when to change strategies in case things turns sour.

I hope you learned what society expects from you:  integrity, honor, honesty, and faith in the goodness of others.  I hope you act with integrity, honor, and respect for others, especially if you disagree with them. 

I hope that you made peace with your past, found a relationship with your creator, and crave the future.  I hope that you learned how to view the world with a studied curiosity that can seek creative solutions to any problem.

I hope that you have overcome the disability of your upbringing and accept personal responsibility for your future.  No one is going to hold your hand in the next phase of your life.  It all comes down to the results of your effort, your performance, and your decisions.

I hope your life is blessed, with love, with achievement, with faith in things greater than you, with humility, and with compassion.

Congratulations Class of 1980.  You’ve accomplished much but its only the tip of the iceberg.  Your task ahead is greater than anything you’ve ever faced, so work hard, go to bed early, act with integrity, and take responsibility. 

You’re going far in your life.  You are amazing.