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Hypertext ICD 10
The Merec Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy


On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research - This site has an online booklet prepared by the National Academy of Sciences detailing guidelines for responsible conduct in research.  There is information on treatment of data, authorship, conflicts of interest, etc.
Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals - The site has the American Psychological Association's guidelines for research ethics when the studies involve animals. Many other professional associations use these as a model for their own guidelines.
ACA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice - Revised and updated in 1995, this guiding document is the basis of ethical counseling practice. It is also used to adjudicate complaints of ethical violations by counselors.
A Practitioner's Guide to Ethical Decision Making - Prepared by the ACA Ethics Committee, this document is available online and may be purchased in quantities for courses, students, workshops, or distribution to staff counselors for a nominal cost.
APA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice


Compassion Fatigue / Satisfaction Self-Test (CFS)


Hypnosis, Brief Therapy, and Altered States of Consciousness - This whole page is dedicated to altered states of consicousness. There is lots of information on hynosis, trances, dreams, telepathy, Gansfield psi effect (energy transfer), and the always popular astral projection.

Hypnosis FAQ - This site offers Frequently Asked Question on hypnosis. There is also information on training, books, and how to do hypnosis. It is extensive and detailed, useful to students at all levels.
Todd Stark's Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions
Happiness Through Hypnosis
Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming
Yahoo | Science | Psychology | Hypnosis
Hypnosis, Memory, and Amnesia
Hypnotherapy Bill Tabled in California
Hypnotherapy Training Institute
The Infinity Institute
Green Eggs Report
Hypnosis and Media
Hypnosis Archive
Hypnosis and NLP by Lee Lady
Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Hypnosis and Psychovisual Therapy Resources
Infinity Institute
Accelerated Human Change Technologies Promotional
Murray's Hypnosis Archive
The Trance Domain
Welcome to the National Guild of Hypnotists Web Site

Professional Psychology

Psychology Faculty Salaries - The APA's research office conducted a salary survey in 1997-98.  The study covers US & Canadian institutions.
Studies on Fees and Salaries of Marriage and Family Therapists
When to Refer for Marital and Family Therapy
Licensure - for Marriage & Family Therapists
Licensure/certification information - for Mental Health Counselors.
Mental Health Licensure Resources
Mental Health Education Page
Mental Health Licensure Exam Review
Selected Stories From The APA Monitor
APA Continuing Education Programs
Teaching Clinical Psychology - A site devoted to sharing ideas and resources for the teaching of clinical psychology.
PsycSite - Listing of resources related to the science of psychology.
Psychology.Com - Includes personality tests on-line and a therapist directory.
Online Psychological Services - for psychological professionals and consumers.
Yahoo's Listing of Usenet Groups for Psychologists
Job postings from the APA - Includes listings at NSF, NIH, and US Navy as well those published in the APA Monitor and other publications.
Therapist Opportunities Network - Job opportunities for therapists.
Behavior On-Line - Gathering Place for Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Info Source - News, essays, discussion groups, job listings, disorders, and links.

Social Work

National Association of Social Workers (NASW) home page
Social Worker Networker - List of links specifically for social workers.
The New Social Worker Online  -Online magazine specifically designed for social work students and recent graduates.
Social Work Access Network
Social Work Jokes
WEB Resources for Social Workers - Very comprehensive listing; updated weekly.
Social Work and Social Services Jobs Online
Mailing Lists for Social Workers
Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work Home Page - Articles and resources for social workers; the emphasis is on trauma survivors.
Professional Counseling and Social Work: A Comparative Analysis of the Educational Preparation of the Two Professions - The professions of counseling and social work are often described as comparable because both require master's level education and training as a prerequisite for independent practice in the delivery of clinical mental health services. The specific similarities and differences between the education and training of the two professions, however, are not generally well-understood. This analysis compares the current education and clinical training standards set out by the bodies that accredit the education programs for the two professions: CACREP and CSWE.


Academe (This Week Chronicle of Higher Education)
Ask ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
U.S. Department of Education
SyllabusWeb magazine


Gestalt Theory - From the International Society of Gestalt Theory and its Applications.
Marriage and Family Connection : Articles about relationships and child behavior management.
Anxiety-Panic Internet Resource (tAPir) - This is an informative, balanced site for "people interested in anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, shyness, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and post traumatic stress." tAPir is a self-help network.
Costs of Failing to Provide Appropriate Mental Health Care - This site has an APA discussion of why it is important for the government to maintain funding and support mental health care. There are lots of useful statistics on the costs of treatment options and the costs of leaving mental health problems untreated.
Guide to Psychotherapy - This site includes an on-line dictionary of mental health in order to answer all your questions about psychotherapy. There are also numerous links to related sites. The site was developed by the Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies in England and has been named one of the top 5 percent of all web sites by the Lycos organization.
Treatment of Panic Disorder - This site has the conference statement from the National Institute of Health on the treatment of panicdisorders. This is a comprehensive article on the epidiology, history, and the course of panic orders. Also included is information related to diagnosis and treatment.
Sexual Information and Educational Council of the U.S. - SIECUS is a nonprofit organization formed in 1964"...dedicated to affirming that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of life. SIECUS develops, collects, and disseminates information, promotes comprehensive education, and advocates the right of individuals to make responsible sexual choices."
Behavior On-line - Calling itself "The Gathering Place for Mental Health and Applied Behavioral Science Professionals," Behavior On-line has articles about psychological issues (including many disorders and their treatment), discussion groups for professionals, and links to other behavioral science and mental health practice sites.
Psychoanalysis - What is psychoanalysis? Who can benefit from psychoanalysis? Who is a Psychoanalyst and how to find one?This site answers such questions.
Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco - Learn more about this neo-Freudian and his approaches to psychology and therapy.
Treatment Breaks the Crime Cycle; Jail Doesn't - This article from the op-ed of The Los Angeles Times (March 1995) emphasizes the need for treatment when dealing with drug related crimes and addictions. Thepolitical side of this issue (as an alternative to jail) is highlighted.
Smokenders - This site is for smokers and those with eating disorders.
Mental Health Net - This site has a comprehensive on-line guide to mental health services. The site has an innovative "reading room," with ongoing opinion polls and discussion forums. It also has links to other mental health resources. Their self-help resources provide a yellow pages style listing of mental health services and links to hundreds of self-help groups for problems such as drug abuse, depression, obesity, headaches, and stuttering.
Brief Solution Focused Therapy
Center For Solution Directed Brief Therapy
European Brief Therapy Association
The Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy
List of Psychotherapies
Milton Erickson Foundation
National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists
Psychotherapy in Scotland
Resource List for Child Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists
Solution Focused Therapy
Thought Field Therapy
Thought Field Therapy
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