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Becoming a better student...

Use the resources provided below to obtain reference information and tips on becoming a better student.
Oral Presentations


  • Note Organization Form - This site offers a helpful form for students to organize their psychology lecture notes.
  • Learning from Lectures - The ability to listen and take accurate notes in class is one of the most important skills needed for learning at university. Your notes are the payoff for the time you invest in class and provide an important tool for exam preparation. This excellent guide is from the University of Guelph.
  • Effective Notetaking from Berkeley
  • Effective Notetaking from Dartmouth College
  • Notetaking and In-Class Skills from Virginia Tech
  • Editing Lecture Notes from Virginia Tech
  • Oral Presentations

  • Dr. Radel's Introduction to Preparing Talks - This site makes oral presentations easy, by offering a step-by-step guide.
  • Introduction to Effective Visuals - Designing visuals for your class presentation/lecture.
  • Dr. Radel's Designing Effective Visuals - This site makes oral presentations easy!
  • How to present a case study - This is a quick guide to the format of presenting a patient case study.  Therapists practicing in a community mental health setting or group practice hold case conferences to discuss their patients.
  • Managing Nervousness During Oral Presentations - Many students dread giving oral presentations in class, yet sooner or later students in most programs will be obligated to do so. This excellent guide is from the University of Guelph.
  • How to design visuals for presentations prepared by Greenstar Productions for those in the corporate world
  • Overcoming speaking anxiety in meetings & presentations, an article based on Lenny Laskowski's book, "Dynamic Presentation Skills for the Business Professional".
  • Coping with presentation disasters! This site includes other useful tips and links to a variety of resources for presenters.
  • How to Give a Bad Talk - The ten commandments of bad presentations, a page prepared by Mark Hill, based upon a David Patterson talk
  • Oral Evaluation Guidelines - a form used to evaluation oral presentations.  Use these key skill areas as a guide in your preparation.
  • Research

  • Read Darren's Guidelines for Writing Critical Reviews for assistance in building your Journal Article Summary.
  • Read Darren's Library Resources Guide for help finding resources at your academic library.
  • Read Darren's Research Evaluation Tips - these tips will help you to determine the quality of the research you are reviewing.
  • Read Darren's How to use APA Format
  • Library Research in Psychology: Finding It Easily - Students new to psychology and library research will find some useful information here. This site comes from the American Psychological Association.
  • Teaching your students to evaluate web resources
  • Statistics You Should Know
  • Studying

  • How to Study - This site offers tips on how to study effectively and how to improve your grades.
  • Virginia Tech University offers the following assistance:
  • Concentration - Concentration is an elusive state of mind. Ironically, the more you think or worry about concentration, the less you're concentrating on the task at hand. That's why strategies to enhance concentration approach it indirectly, usually by focusing on the elimination of distractions. This excellent guide is from the University of Guelph.
  • Learning from Textbooks - discusses strategies that can be effective for learning from textbooks in courses where the text provides much of the material on which tests and exams will be based. These strategies will not work effectively for all texts in all courses. This excellent guide is from the University of Guelph.
  • Five Steps to Better Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving & Decisions-Making Skills
  • Writing

  • The Elements of Style, by William Strunk (1918) - This is an on-line version of the original 1918 book on writing style. It has saved the academic life of many students. Pay special attention to Section V: Words and Expressions Commonly Misused.
  • Grammar and Style Notes - Is it effect or affect? Assure, ensure, or insure? This site offers an alphabetic listing of just about every problem that you face when writing.
  • The Written and Spoken Word - Daniel Chandler, a lecturer in media theory in the Education Department of University of Wales has put together an interesting series of pages on the written and spoken word.
  • Read Darren's How to Write a Literature Review - helpful guide to writing a lit review.
  • Read Darren's How to Write a Critical Review(Journal Article Summary) - helpful guide for writing a Journal Article Summary
  • Read Darren's How to use APA Format

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