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Course Description:  Covers the origin and development of individual needs and personality patterns, approaches to self-management, and self-control and assessment of personal value systems.  Emphasis is on personal awareness and experientially-based activities.

Syllabus topics:

Course Objectives
Class Participation
Grading Scale
Determination of Course Grade
Major Course Assignments
Office Hours
How to contact the instructor
Course Objectives:  We will explore a variety of topics that affect our personal growth and development.  This course is unique to the participants and can cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to:  Self-esteem, irrational belief systems, relaxation & stress reduction, negative self-talk, guilt, trust, insecurity, vulnerability, risk taking, fears, success, perfection, pride, patience, spirituality, personal responsibility, time management, burnout, rejection, and human relationships.

Attendance:  Attendance is your responsibility.  Because this course is hands-on, people who are excessively absent do not pass this course.

Class Participation:  It is my belief that everyone has something to contribute and these contributions are not only welcome, but essential for an interesting class discussion.  It is extremely important that we respect the opinions of others.  Always feel free to ask questions of me in or out of class.


A   90 - 100
B     80 - 89
C     70 - 79
D     60 - 69
F       0 - 59

The instructor reserves the right to grant quality points or to deduct penalty points from the final average for class participation, attendance, and other work-related considerations.

Your attention is directed to the current Hillsborough Community College Catalog for withdrawal & incomplete grade policies.

Determination of Grade:

 A. Class participation 50%
 B. Reaction Papers 50%
Major Course Assignments:
  • Reaction paper – The reaction paper is your opportunity to reflect and consider each topic presented in this course.  It should contain your own thoughts, reactions, opinions, areas of agreement or disagreement that you arrive at as you progress through the class.  It may be a reaction to something you read in the text, or outside class material, a reaction to a classmate’s comment, class discussion, instructor comment, or other class-related activities.  The paper should be hand-written in ink and a minimum of one page (front & back), single-spaced.  All papers must be submitted at the beginning of each week of instruction (Monday/Saturday/Tuesday) for the previous week.  They are not graded for content.  See the course schedule for reaction paper due dates.
  • Office Hours:  by appointment, typically before or after class.

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